Who does it affect?

Over 500,000 people in the UK: This condition not only affects the individual but also their families, friends, carers & you. A few minutes within your day could have an enormous effect on the lives of many thousands of people who are living with this condition.

How do i recognise Autism?

By being autism aware: By reading through this pack you will have a better understanding of Autism. Being autism aware will give you the confidence to approach and help someone who could be in need.



What is Autism?

A disabling brain disorder: It affects the way in which people understand and react to the world around them.

What is Autism awareness?

The key to a brighter future: Helping to build a better more caring community, so that thousands of people growing up with this disabling condition can live as full a life as possible without ignorance and discrimination. This will be a great achievement of which we can all be proud




How do i deal with Autism at work?

Calmly: Avoid speaking in a loud voice, as many autistic people are sensitive to noise. This could result in them feeling anxious or fearful. use a calm or gentle tone.


Where can i find more information?

www.paains.org.uk: This site was designed to guide you through all aspects of autism and related disorders. You will also find links to many support organisations throughout the world


Why don't i see Autism every day?

Maybe you havn`t recognised it: There are no obvious visual clues, which is why so many children are mistaken for being naughty or rude.