Raising Autism Awareness is a major part of PAAINS work. Ask yourself if you could recognise a child with autism just by looking at them, the answer is almost certainly no.

If you saw a child in a wheelchair you would open a door for them, however on first sight of a child with autism most of us would would either see nothing, or judge that child as ignorant or badly behaved; this is not the case.

Parents are under great strain to bring up a child with autism, as today's society does not fully understand what autism is. All too often the parents and carers hear comments like "he`s naughty" or "what that child needs is a good smack" or "autism? Does that mean they are really clever?"

We are not trying to place children's needs in any order, we are simply trying to help people recognise that children with autism have very special needs too.


Paains would like to see:

We cannot do this overnight, nor can it be done without your help.








"Let us not forget that autism is a life long condition with no cure..."

Autism affects more children in this country than childhood cancer and Downs Syndrome put together and the numbers are rising at an alarming rate.

20 years ago a GP would have maybe seen one or two autistic children during their entire career; nowadays it is not uncommon for a GP to have tens of children with autism on their register at any one time.

Here at Paains we are dedicated to raising public autism awareness so that many thousands of people growing up with this disabling condition can live as full a life as possible without ignorance or discrimination.