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Education for Autistic children is a huge topic and one that we would struggle to cover comprehensivly here.
There are so many questions,

Can my child attend a main stream school ?
Will they have to attend a special school ?
What support will my child get in school ?
How will they cope with school life ?
How will the teachers and other pupils react to them ?

Please use the links on the left for further help and guidence.

It would be impossibe to cover every question relating to every Authority.

Here in the UK we have differing education codes of practice covering Scotland and England.

Each Local Education Authority seems to have its own policy and agenda regarding education for children with special needs, so it is not surprising that in researching education for this site we found many of the links and organisations most helpful were those that approached Education from a problem solving perspective.

If you are here looking for Education advice for the UK then have a look at the IPSEA website.


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