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Although there is currently no cure for Autism , there are a great number of interventions available for you to gain more knowledge of.

Some of these are medical, others are either emotional or educational approaches that people have tried and found varying degrees of success with their children.

We must stress that there is not one "cure all" intervention for autism. We have put together a list that is by no means comprehensive and each item you look at must be researched thoroughly by yourselves before you contemplate using it for your child. Seek medical advice where relevant and try to contact parents that have used some of the educational programs to see how they have worked for their children.

The summaries of each intervention are taken from various sources but mainly the home website itself.
Be aware of any financial implications and know how much a program will cost to complete as some we have found to be quite expensive. You may or may not get help with funding.

Love, patience , understanding , care, determination, self belief and providing a loving compassionate environment for your child are all free.

Allergy Induced Autism

First on the list because we have tried this ourselves autistic children show signs of intolerance to certain foods and this site explains more. Along with recipe ideas for gluten and dairy free diets. See Jack`s page for our own experiences.

Gluten free and Casein free Diet Website from America giving advice on how to implement a Gluten and Casein free diet Includes practical tips.
LOVASS Lovass is an educational program developed by Dr Ivar Lovass. It is based around intensive teaching methods sometimes for long periods at a time. Excellent results have been reported but we have found this to be one of the most expensive programs available. Requires a lot of time and dedication.
Picture Exchange Communication System

Another one that we have used all be it in a self modified version. Pecs uses picture cards to teach and to help with communication. Can help with the development of language skills as it encourages active communication.

Parents for the Early Intervention of Autism in Children

A Parent support group advocating early, intensive behavioural intervention for children with special needs.

Secretin U.K. users

Website set up by parents who give stories and information about secretin for the treatment of Autism.


A relational programme for parents and professionals seeking a loving, humane, and respectful method for helping children and adults with autism, Asperger syndrome and other developmental disorders maximise their potential.

Auditory Integration Training

A program which uses sound and light therapy


A method of removing harmful metals and toxins from the body.


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