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The Autism Awareness Information Pack

Autism is a condition that now affects approx 1 in 100 children of school age.

Nowadays, many more of us have heard of Autism,
but how many people understand the effect Autism can have on an everyday task such as shopping?

This pack has been written with two main objectives in mind.

1) To raise the publics awareness of autism and related conditions;

2) To help the parents and carers of these children with everyday tasks such as shopping, or enjoying a family day out.

The Concept

By doing one small thing, by adding five minutes of reading to your day, you can make a huge difference to the lives of many thousands of people living with this condition.

All we ask is that you take 5 minutes to read this awareness pack.
Don`t worry there is no test at the end!
You only have to read the pack once.
You will learn from it, you will be touched by it, and we guarantee you will remember it.

What is in the Pack?

The Pack is split into several easy to read sections. These include:

What is Autism, Traits of Autism, A Mothers Story (shopping with an Autistic Child), Further Information and Summary.

The pack has been proof read and endorsed by a number of professionals in the field of Autism as well as various organisations throughout the UK.

Read the Pack
There are three different ways in which to read the Autism Awareness Pack.
Please choose one below.
Thank you for taking the time to read the pack, YOU have made a difference.
Simply click this link to read page by page online.
This link will download the Pack in .PDF format. The file is 2.6mb, so depending on the speed on your connection it will take a couple of minutes to download. Use this method to print copies.
Request Pack
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We have approx 1,000 packs printed in a presentaion folder. If you want a `Hard copy` of the pack, please consider a small donation (£1.50) to cover printing and postage costs. These packs can be requested in writing only to: Paains Info Pack, Crooks View Cottage, Christon, BS26 2XY.
If you have any questions or comments about the pack, please contact

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