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Articles written by Parents

This section has articles written by parents, carers etc, some are sent in to us , others are interesting things that we have found elsewhere on the web.

The one thing they all have in common, is that they have either made us laugh or cry outloud.

Brandons Story

A letter from a six year old Autistic boy called Brandon.
Stool Catcher An hilarious article written by a mum who needs samples!
We`ve all been there.
Beautiful Children

Just why are autistic children so beautiful?
Sams Story Autism and Christmas Just do not mix.
Submitted by Paains visitor on 6th August 2002
Arak I am an autistic person and I would like to submit my
story, "About Me", to your website. (added 30th Aug 02)

Please add your own story, or one that has touched you.

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