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Letter from Brandon

Hello, my name is Brandon - I am 6 years old and this is for my mummy.

When I was not very old my mummy would hug me a lot and I did not like it, and sometimes I would cry, but she would still hug me. When I would get hurt she would kiss me and I did not like that either, but she kept doing it. I did not understand why she would do this. After a really long time and lots of hugs, I started to like them. She just kept hugging me.

I am older now, and still cannot do the things other kids that are smaller than me can do. My mummy works lots with me every day trying to help me learn to drink from a cup, eat with a fork (a spoon is too hard), put on my clothes and other things I need to do.

I am different than most kids - but my mummy does not care. She talks to me all day, and prays for me at night. On rare occasions, I get really close to her, and give her a hug. I'm still learning to feed myself and I make a lot of messes that my mummy has to clean up.

She hugs me when I'm upset, then I feel OK again. My mummy has even gone to try to get help for me. I would like to do one thing for her though. I have been trying for a really long time but I can't seem to do it.

You see I can't talk.. and I would like to say I LOVE YOU MUMMY real loud but I can't. Maybe she will see this letter and know that I love her. There is just one more thing

I can't read or write either, -- so my daddy is looking into my eyes and writing down what I have been trying to say for years. I LOVE YOU MUMMY

Brandon Guppy

Brown-eyed 6 year old Autistic boy



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