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Paains- Public Autism Awareness in North Somerset

Welcome to our world of Autism.

This Site is designed for parents, teachers, carers and YOU.
It offers a gentle step by step guide through the interesting and fascinating all consuming world that is Autism.
Look upon the site as a signpost, If you have a question about autism or related disorders, we hope that you will find the answer here. If you simply want to talk to others or pass some information on, then you can do that here also.

Raising autism awareness is a major part of PAAINS work.

Parents are under great strain to bring up a child with autism in a society that does not fully understand what autism is. All too often the parents and carers hear comments like "he's naughty" or "what that child needs is a good smack" or "autism? Does that mean they are really clever?".

Autism affects more children in the UK than Childhood Cancer and Downs Syndrome put together,
and the numbers are rising at an alarming rate.
20 years ago a GP would maybe see one or two autistic children during his entire career, nowadays, it is not uncommon for a GP to have tens of children with autism on his register at any one time.

Here at Paains we are dedicated to raising public autism awareness so that many thousands of people growing up with this disabling condition can live as full a life as possible without ignorance and discrimination.

"Autism touches your heart, to see an Autistic child smile and achieve is indescribable. People tend to run away from things they do not understand. If we can bring some awareness of Autism to these people then we have done some good for all".


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