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A Factsheet for Kids

What is Autism?

When a person has autism, it means that something in their brain is different from other peoples' brains. This causes them to act differently than other people.
People with autism sometimes have trouble understanding what other people are saying. They can have a hard time using words to say what they need, and they might end up saying the same word or sentence over and over.
Some kids with autism may be happy, but all of a sudden they will become sad or mad and might even have a tantrum. It might be because they can't tell people what they need or want

.Do children with autism go to school?

Yes, children with autism go to school to learn just like you. You might even know someone who has autism. They could be in your class or maybe in a class that is just for them.

What are people with autism like when they grow up?

Lots of people with autism can learn to do all sorts of things when they grow up. They might have a job at a grocery store or as an artist or even working on a computer. Even though autism never goes away, many people with autism learn to make friends, do a job and have a very happy life

.How should I act around someone with autism?

Just remember people with autism aren't that much different from you. Just like you, they can do some things better than others. Just like you, they have lots of different feelings. They might feel happy, sad, excited, frustrated, proud, lonely, or loving - just like you. It is important to know that even if someone with autism acts different from you or your friends, they still have feelings and they care about other people. You should always try to be a caring person too! So just be yourself when you're with someone who has autism. You may even make a new friend!

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