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The UK`s top Attraction directory crammed full with details of attractions that are
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A great place to be for information, help and support.

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Welcome to our World of Autism

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This website is designed to be a gentle step by step guide into the facinating and rewarding world of Autism.

It is for Parents, Siblings, Teachers, Carers and YOU.

Look upon us as a signpost, If you have a question about autism or related disorders, we hope that you will find the answers here.

If you want to talk to others, pass on information or share a story then you have found the right place.

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"Autism touches your heart, to see an Autistic child smile and achieve is indescribable.
People tend to run away from things they do not understand.
If we can bring some awareness of Autism to these people, then we have done some good for all".



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as they begin a campaign to raise awareness and fight for the educational rights of all our ASD children
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